Who is Pinkeee?

“If you will it, it is not a dream”, Theodor Herzl.

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Hi! I’m Elinor Carmi, originally from Israel but now live, teach, play, write, think, imagine, dance, and try to find something proper to eat in London. I’m a scholar, journalist, ex-radio broadcaster, activist, feminist, and a huge electronic dance music addict. I also love pink. My research interests have always been about cultures and practices which are considered to be deviant/illegitimate/unwanted and the power and politics behind them. I focus on anomalies, because I believe that looking at what is considered to be irregular can tell us a great deal about what is considered to be the norm.

Below you can find info about my education, academic activities (teaching, event organisation and other stuff), as well as my past work experience. But you can also check out my talks, writings, and the story behind my book TranceMission (published in 2013).

Want to contact me?-> e.carmi(at)gold.ac.uk.

I also tweet–> @Elinor_Carmi.


2012-Present – PhD candidate at the Media & Communications department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Dissertation title: Conducting processes: Using spam to construct people and territories. Supervisors: Professor Sean Cubitt and Prof. Marianne I. Franklin. My research examines how unwanted forms of behaviours became categorized as such in media technologies, who were involved in the process, and how it affect people’s online behavior and the territory they operate in.

2008-2012 – M.A in Culture Research, Tel Aviv University.

M.A dissertation: The Penetration of Psychedelic Trance Culture into Israel – Supervised by Professor Rakefet Sela-Shefi: Magna Cum Laude (93). I turned this thesis into a book – TranceMission: The Psytrance Culture in Israel 1989-1999 published in 2013, thanks to a successful crowd-funding project. Check the story behind it here.

2004 – 2007– B.A in Communication & Management, The College of Management, Ramat Aviv.

Practical areas: Radio broadcasting, editing, producing, interviewing, and writing/editing comical sketches, at the students’ radio of Tel Aviv, 106fm. Academic work (Dissertations): 2006 – “The Post Rave Culture in the Postmodern Era” – Supervised by Dr. David Gurevitz. 2007 – “The Absence of Female Artists in Electronic Dance Music” – Supervised by Dr. Baruch Blich.

Academic stuff:


2015-2016 – Associate Lecturer, module Dissertation with Dr. Jennifer Pybus, and Content Creation module with Dr. Paul Caplan. BA Advertising, London College of Communication University of the Arts, London.

2015 Spring Term and Spring Term 2016 – Associate Lecturer, module: Key Debates in Media Studies. Module Leader: Dr. Gholam Khiabany. Media & Communication Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

2014 Autumn Term – Associate Lecturer, module:  The Archaeology of the Moving Image. Module Leader: Prof. Sean Cubitt. Media & Communication Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

2014 Spring Term– Associate Lecturer, module: The Politics of the AudioVisual. Module Leader: Prof. Sean Cubitt. Media & Communication Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

2013-2014 – Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication University of the Arts, London.

2013 – 2014 – Postgraduate Departmental Student Coordinator – PG DSC.

2011-2012 – Teaching Assistant at Colman College– Media and Communications department. Courses:

                             – Language, Society and Culture.

                             – Metropolin: The City in Popular Culture.

                             – Critical Legal Studies (C.L.S), Literature and Popular Culture.

                               – Matters in Popular Culture.

Event organisation

6/11/2015 – I organised the event –  We Can Do it! Women, Activism and Technology – Bridging Theory and Practice. Panel speakers: Janet Gunter, Becky Kazansky and Zara Rahman.

26/02/2015 – I co organised the event – Defending Human Rights in a Digital Age.  Hosted by the Global Media and Transnational Communications  program, Media Forum, and the Radical Media Forum.

23/01/2015 – I curated Radical Media Forum’s Cyborg vs. Cyborg screening series – The female version take over with Ghost in the Shell (1995) vs. Æon Flux (2005). Introduction By prof. Sara Kember.

23/10/2014 – I organised the symposium – Digging Sound: Methods and Sites in Sound Archaeology.

21-22/05/2014 – I co organised a two day symposium and master class – Critical Ways of Seeing: Visualizing Knowledge and the Digital –Tool, Politics, or Art?

30/11/2013 – I was part of the organisation of London Crypto Festival. Chaired Lightening talk – Tell us your experience with digital security and crypto tools?

14/11/2013 – I co-organised, with Andrea Nunez Casal, the Symposium Re-Configuring the Immune System: Bodies, Worlds and Words .

 2013-2016 – Co-Founder of the new Radical Media Forum at Goldsmiths College; an ongoing series of talks, symposia, conferences and screenings run by postgraduate students and funded by Goldsmiths Media and Communications Department and the Graduate School.

Other academic activities

2013-2014 – AHRC Funded Training Programme – Material Witness.

2012-2013 – AHRC funded Training Programme – Going Digital.

January 2013-April 2014 – Social Network Manager at the Media and Communication department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

2013 – Panel member of Periodic Programme Review of the Postgraduate Certificate Management of Learning & Teaching in Higher Education.

2013 – Research assistant for Prof. Nick Couldry’s project “Storycircle”.

2009-2011 – Chairwoman of Students workshop of Culture Research department.

2008-2009 – Research assistant for Professor Rakefet Sela-Shefi.


Work experience:

2011- 2015 – Content Manager at Iono Music Records. Berlin, Germany.

2004-2011Radio Broadcaster at 106fm Kol Hakampus Tel Aviv. Shows: Hafirot – Psytrance magazine & Hypnoza – the underground sounds of Psychedelic Trance.

2006-2012 – Musical editor for Musicoola, editing the Trance channel on cable and satellite television.

2012 – Night Life tour in Tel Aviv – Exploring the city after dark.

2009-2011 – Journalist at Timeout Tel Aviv – Nightlife section.

2009-2011 – Journalist at the biggest night portal in Israel Layla.co.il.

2006-2011 – Journalist for various global magazines especially about Israel’s Psychedelic Trance Culture: Psychedelic Traveler, Trancer’s Guide To The Galaxy, Mushroom.

2006+2008 – In charge of a broadcast day on Boom Radio at Boom Festival in Portugal – The biggest Psychedelic Trance festival in the world.

2007-2008 – Promotion Manager at BNE records in its 2 divisions: 1. YoYo, the Electronic label. 2. The exclusive promoter of Beggars Banquet – Indie/Alternative labels from the UK (XL, 4AD, WIIJA).

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    מזל טוב


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    hey elinor!!!!!!!!!
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    good luck and mazal tov!!!!! Gil

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